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Owner and Principal Designer

Anne Golliher started her design firm in 2013 when an acquaintance reached out for design assistance having seen her home featured in Midwest Living Magazine. With a degree in Visual Communications Design from Purdue University (and an accidental minor in history) her eye was already trained in color theory, interesting junxtapositions, and spacial awareness so it was an easy transition from the graphic design world to interiors.

Looking back, she should have known that her career would lead to interiors as she can remember always having an internal dialogue about the spaces she visited as a child. Fast forward to today and she still loves emersing herself in history, color, textiles, and all things design.


Whether highlighting client's personal collections, or curating newly crafted pieces, Anne's wheelhouse is helping you look at your seemingly disconnected individual objects and finding a way to make them interesting again.

Anne Golliher
Dining room, colonial home

Vision. Beauty.
Growth. Grace.
My personal mantra overflows into my work.

Kind Words

"At our very first meeting you took the time to go room to room and listened to the stories behind all the artwork and furnishings."

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