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Signature Services

Awakening rooms with gutsy reimagination is our specialty
so let us help you find the right fit.

The Editor:
An In Home
or Virtual Consultation

Have lots of ideas but don't know where to start? Love design but are stuck in your own head? Have a few pain points and need out-of-the-box ideas? Then this is the service for you. 

Our in home (or virtual) consultation is the perfect place to start when you simply need expert advice. Clients walk away with a solid to-do list, confidence to move forward, and excitement for the changes ahead. 

*Note: This can also be a virtual  consultation.

$450 1 hour in-home or virtual consultation

The Chapter:
Fixing the Components

Need help with furniture layout? Have lots of treasures but want help styling? Ready for a gallery wall? Time to repaint? This service looks at the

basics - the start to any good story.

  • Art Hanging ​

  • Playing House (moving things)

  • Art and Accessories shopping

  • Styling

  • Color Consultation

  • Estate Curation

  • Storage Unit Curation

  • Christmas Decor

  • Talking about anything and everything

Pricing varies

The Novel:
A Whole Home Refresh

Is there anything more beautiful than a well written novel? Maybe a well designed home. 


This service provides a detailed narrative for your home with opportunity to move quickly or take things slowly; a true start to finish service with collaboration in mind. 

Whether you want to jump in with a whole home transformation or take each room one at a time, this service is the most flexible. Because not everyone wants to write a 500 page novel. Sometimes a children's book will do. 

Pricing varies

IMG_5499 2.HEIC

The Journey

Beautiful spaces take time and Storied Interiors delights in the journey. Thoughtful consideration and great care are given to each decision and selection to ensure your unique story is told and your treasures are properly incorporated. Our specialty is thinking outside the box when considering color, textiles, furnishings, and layouts and no idea is too wild when it comes to creative thinking.

But rooms are more than a collection of objects. They are spaces filled with cherished memories and a place for creating more. Our process takes you from concept to installation with the goal of helping you live in a way that feels new but familiar. 

Our Approach

Because Storied Interiors in not a cookie-cutter design firm, our approach in creating your unique spaces is first solidify the knowns (room layout, what objects we are keeping, trade relationships, custom made pieces, etc) than leave room for the things yet to be revealed. Like with any good story, if we knew the ending the narrative wouldn't be quite as endearing. So the process of finding the perfect stool which leads to the perfect rug becomes part of the story. This makes our finished rooms personal, authentic, and full of heart. 

Find your match with our Signature Services above.

Funky wallpaper and MCM and art

Listening is our passion.


Our goal is to awaken your rooms with gutsy reimagination; to make your seemingly disconnected individual objects interesting again. To marry the past and present.  

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