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Is perfectionism getting in your way?

I chatted recently with a new client (it's gonna be a good one!) about her year long home renovation and something she said stuck with me.

She loved everything about the process and finished spaces (no ill will towards the designers), but in the end she feels they are too perfect.

Too perfect.

Not personal enough.

Needing a shake up.

This conversation got me thinking about the pressure so many feel to just get it right, already. To pick the perfect tile, find the perfect sofa, hang the art just perfectly.

Well, I'm here to remind you that the sum of many imperfections is perfection. Interior design is not just about creating a perfectly curated and styled space (my client can attest to that). It's about pulling together a space that speaks to the imperfections and movement of life that creates a story of the people living in that space.

These types of spaces allow us to BE our imperfect selves and not feel pressure from a room to 'get it right'. We are in process and so can the rooms we live in.

Let's set perfectionism aside this year and let out a sigh of design relief! There truly is comfort in imperfection and I'm here for it!

Also....this room is incroible! :)

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