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Where to put the tree?

We already have lots of needles on the rug but I'm still enjoying the glow of our Christmas tree. When our living room was arranged in a different way, we popped our tree in a large pot a the end of the sofa. But we are now using that pot outside and the sofa faces the fireplace so the big debate this year was where to put the tree.

We considered placing the tree in the dining room or on the back side of the piano but in the end Lewis' idea of in front of the window won. I was not quite sure it would work (that's prime floor real estate - especially with a three year old) but ultimately it got me thinking...

This question of where to put the tree is not uncommon when I'm meeting with clients. Either we are moving furniture to where it has traditionally stood or we are creating spaces that don't immediately allot for a tree. Insert panicky client.

I certainly love designing spaces that feel sophisticated, stylish, and perfectly prepped for a tree. When doesn't a Fraser Fir look wonderful centered in front of a large picture window? But I also get great joy in leaving spaces the ability to morph and feel a bit quirky. From a too large pine in a cozy library, to a spindly spruce in the corner of a living room, I love to see rooms that are a little off. Whether it's at the holidays or all year long.

Let's find the perfect place for your tree (and all the other things you love) this coming year!

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