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Designer Cocktail Hour

Last fall, I was invited to a gathering of minds. I had just met Lucy Bidwell of Bidwell & Co. and she graciously forwarded the party info so I could meet her inner circle of design friends. It was a collection of old and new (all new to me) but they were immediately welcoming. The brainchild was Carly Pumphrey of The City Girl Farm and her hope was to gather designers she knew for a fun night of camaraderie and wine. Success!

Fast forward to this summer when I was craving more interaction with other designers. Instead of waiting for it to happen I thought, hey, why not use Carly's list and have another gathering? So I did. Lucy (and Rachel) helped with hosting and it turned out to be a great evening.

The moral of the story is #juststarthangingoutwithfriends. :) Here are pictures as proof! Thanks Mollie Hull!

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