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Three Simple Ways to Transform a Space

If you've followed me for awhile you know that I whole-heartedly believe design takes time. It's what I love most about it. The process of dreaming about a space, pondering its possibilities, mulling over ones needs, and pushing contentedness out the door.

And while my mind enjoys the complexity of larger transformations, sometimes it is the more simples changes that can have equal impact. Here are three simple way to make immediate impact on your space.

First, consider changing your furniture arrangement.

This is where I like to think outside the box. The default is position the furniture facing the window, flanking the fireplace, or hugging the walls but it's time to think about a change of view. Consider placing those pieces next to (or in front of) the window or creating an 'off' arrangement better suited for coffee with a friend in a corner. Why not mix things up by pulling the furniture away from the walls creating a space for a sofa table and lamps. Making these changes (with your existing furniture) can instantly transform your space. Now you can feel like an active participant in the space instead of just an observer from the other side of the room.

Second, find and hang art you love.

I would like to think I coined the phrase, but #juststarthanging has become one of my design mantras.

Too often, clients are embarrassed to mention they have lived in a space for x amount of years and have not hung anything on the walls! There is fear in being the first to punch a hole in an otherwise lovely wall. I get it but take heart, it's only a wall and most of the 'oops holes' I have created were easily covered up. I have hung hundreds of frames and still have to move some ever so slightly but it won't stop me from filling up walls with pieces that bring joy.

Third, seek guidance outside of Pinterest and Instagram.

I have learned sooooo much this past year from the shining works of many design greats. I've poured over glossy photos from past and present and found inspiration in their unconventional thinking...a reprieve from the trends promoted on social media.

Bunny Mellon taught me the art of comfortable refinement, Sister Parish helped me see the importance of furniture placement, Michael S. Smith showed me that classic and modern are always friends, and Summer Thornton reminded me to take risks with pattern and color. The list goes on...

So there you have it, folks. Three ways to transform your space that didn't involve long lead times or general contractors. :) You can thank me later!

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